Height of Eye is the flagship site of the Height of Eye Information & News Universal Service (HEINUS). HEINUS was formed in 1979 when Tim Queeney’s Height of Eye Clutch Resurfacing Club joined forces with  Earl “Blake” Wadronson’s News Universal Service and Raw Bar in Choctaw Gill, Tasmania.

The two organizations worked together to cover the ravages of Typhoon Lysander as it cut through the back alleys and board rooms of cities all over the world. As a news service, HEINUS was largely inactive until the invention of the World Wide Web. Following this, and without the knowledge or endorsement of Sir Timothy John “Tim” Berners-Lee, Tim Queeney forced out “Blake” Wadronson in a nasty proxy fight, furloughed the staff, used company funds to redecorate his corner office in the Capitol Records Tower and launched the Height of Eye website.

Devoted to the stories often found crouching stunned behind the facts that seem to support breaking news, Height of Eye and HEINUS are dedicated to flexing the bounds of accuracy to reveal flavors and textures not immediately apparent to people of good will or sound judgment everywhere. We are pleased and proud to serve you, the reader, since 1979 — except for that really long period when we didn’t.

To communicate with Tim Queeney via email: tim followed by the “at” symbol and then timqueeney dot com.

To communicate with Earl “Blake” Wadronson, please contact his attorney.