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    Bank of America sues itself, management unhappy with outcome

    Tweet HEINUS – FORT LAUDERDALE  Bank of America has filed suit against itself more than 110 times in Florida mortgage foreclosure cases. One example: on March 29, 2012, in a foreclosure matter filed in Palm Beach County, Bank of America is listed as plaintiff and […]

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    Budget issues force Canada to eliminate penny coin and more

    Tweet HEINUS – OTTAWA  The Canadian government has officially retired the penny coin as too expensive to produce and no longer economically viable.  Canadian deputy assistant Finance Minster Denr’y Dolhomme said the penny was pretty with its maple leaf design but that it had become […]

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    Romney remembering pre-birth event common for candidates

    Tweet HEINUS – DETROIT  When speaking to a group of Michigan voters, Republican Presidential candidate Mitt Romney remembered details of an event that occurred before he was born. Romney regaled the crowd with his memory of a celebration of the 50th year of the automobile […]

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    Nuclear inspectors in Iran after Ahmadinejad Facebook post

    Tweet HEINUS – TEHRAN U.N. nuclear weapons inspectors began work in Iran over continued concern about possible nuclear weapons. Inside sources at the U.N.’s International Atomic Energy Commission demanded access to Iranian facilities after Iranian president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad made a weekend post to his Facebook […]

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    Sarah Palin will decide between two national leadership bids

    Tweet HEINUS –  NEW YORK  Former Alaska governor Sarah Palin has announced on Fox Business Network that she has not ruled out a U.S. Presidential run. Sources in her inner circle, however, say that now with Kim Jong Il dead, Palin’s real interest is the […]

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    Towns remove street lights, reduce services to save money

    Tweet HEINUS – DETROIT The Michigan town of Highland Park has decided to remove street lights to save the municipality money. The struggling town outside Detroit will physically remove 1,000 of its 1,500 streetlights. Other towns across the country are also feeling the pinch of […]

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    Prime Minister Harper plans big changes for Canadian military

    Tweet HEINUS – OTTAWA  Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper has announced big changes for Canadian military. PM Harper will change the name of Canadian military branches by returning the “Royal” designation, which was removed in 1968. The Canadian Air Force, for example, will now be […]

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    Portobello post: Woman thrown off plane is sign of the times

    Tweet Special to HEINUS by Prof. Edward G. Portobello – RICHMOND  I consider the story of a woman thrown off a plane for crying a chilling sign of the times. One could make the case that using transportation these days requires one to act like […]

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    Canada promotes “physical encouragement” for workers

    Tweet Special to HEINUS by Eden Baylee – TORONTO  [Editor’s note: This special report comes from Canadian correspondent Eden Baylee, who went undercover at a snowshoe factory in West Nipissing, Ontario, to observe working conditions and management policies at this key industrial site. While working […]

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    Rash of new countries recognized by UN

    Tweet HEINUS – NEW YORK  The UN is expected to recognize South Sudan as a new country on July 14. South Sudan will be the 193rd member of the United Nations. South Sudan will not be alone, however, as several other new nations are  expected […]

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