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    Unusual object causes SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket failure

    Tweet HEINUS – CAPE CANAVERAL  The first resupply of the International Space Station by a private company was postponed on Saturday when SpaceX’s Falcon 9 rocket failed to lift off from Pad 40 on Cape Canaveral Air Force Station. Even though all nine of the […]

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    Facebook urges organ donation and new online game

    Tweet HEINUS – SAN FRANCISCO  In a recent announcement, Mark Zuckerberg urged FaceBook users to designate themselves as organ donors. FB insiders say, however, this public announcement is just the first step in an effort to get users to play the online service’s newest game. […]

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    James Cameron’s new space resources effort to also make films

    Tweet HEINUS – LOS ANGELES  Film director and adventurer James Cameron has announced a space resources company called Planetary Resources that will not only mine asteroids for precious minerals but will make films in space. Google Inc executives Larry Page and Eric Schmidt are also […]

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    Grenade at Easter event leads to U.K. egg hunt ban

    Tweet HEINUS – LONDON  After a live grenade was found in a Easter egg hunt in Holford, Somerset, U.K. officials have leveled a nationwide ban on egg hunts. Associate Home Secretary Gerald Ooverhoust said that while the Home Office applauded the sense of fun inherent […]

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  • GolfClubs

    Robot performs surgery, but is rebuffed by prestigious golf club

    Tweet HEINUS – LONDON  A robot has successfully performed prostate surgery in Manchester, U.K. The robot completed the surgery in record time and medical authorities are saying this could lead to a marked increase in robotic procedures. Dr. Stobart Fremenee, chief of thoracic surgery at […]

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  • Smokedpork

    Hog farm explosions are new trend in fast food

    Tweet HEINUS – CHICAGO Buildup of foam in hog farm manure pits has led to explosions that have destroyed entire hog barns in the Midwest. While initial reaction from agriculture companies was cautiously negative, many agribusinesses are reversing their stance on hog farm explosions with […]

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    Stealing ice from glaciers leads to other natural thefts

    Tweet HEINUS – NEW YORK  Chilean police have arrested a ring of thieves accused of stealing five tons ice from glaciers and selling it to upscale bars and restaurants. The thieves were stealing the ice using Coleman coolers and hiding in tanning salons across the […]

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    Nuclear inspectors in Iran after Ahmadinejad Facebook post

    Tweet HEINUS – TEHRAN U.N. nuclear weapons inspectors began work in Iran over continued concern about possible nuclear weapons. Inside sources at the U.N.’s International Atomic Energy Commission demanded access to Iranian facilities after Iranian president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad made a weekend post to his Facebook […]

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    Scientists launch Moon alien search and start research trend

    Tweet HEINUS – PHOENIX  Two Arizona State University scientists have asked amateur astronomers to assist them in searching photographs of the lunar surface for signs of alien activity. The scientists are seeking interested amateurs to look for signs such as messages, scientific instruments, alien waste […]

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  • Wilhelm_II,_German_Emperor,_by_Russell_&_Sons,_c1890

    Kaiser urinal discovery adds stream of data to historic record

    Tweet HEINUS – BERLIN  German archeologists have discovered a urinal used by World War I German ruler Kaiser Wilhelm II. According to scientists, the urinal, found in a Baltic Sea shipwreck, adds an impressive stream of data to the record on historic waste habits. Information […]

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