Facebook urges organ donation and new online game

HEINUS – SAN FRANCISCO  In a recent announcement, Mark Zuckerberg urged FaceBook users to designate themselves as organ donors. FB insiders say, however, this public announcement is just the first step in an effort to get users to play the online service’s newest game.

The game, called “Harvest Casino,”and will involve betting on the outcomes of random events and tests of knowledge and skill. But instead of purchasing chips for betting, players will put up body parts as “player collateral.” Should a player’s score dip below a set minimum, they will become eligible for a monthly “Live Harvest” drawing. If a player’s name is picked that player will  surrender a designated body part. Facebook spokesperson Claudia Meissel stresses, however, that players will incur no medical expenses. “Many of these procedures will be on an outpatient basis,” said Meissel. “Players will not be billed for any costs associated with Live Harvest. And they’ll receive a free medical checkup.”

Winning players will have the option of converting their winnings to a variety of forms: cash; coupons for online shopping with major retailers like Macy’s, Bass Pro Shops and Plywood World; Facebook stock; group Rolfing sessions with Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg; and steep discounts on fresh body parts.

(Casino image by Raul654, lottery machine image by katorisi)