Wedding karaoke videos spark wider lip-synching trend

HEINUS – LOS ANGELES A growing trend in wedding videos is to have participants mouth the words to a popular song, a variation of karaoke dubbed “marryoke.” The trend of adding karaoke is now spreading to other special purpose videos. Some examples:

Birthaoke: Husbands are videotaping their wives giving birth and then dubbing in music. Some have even included the newborn, doctors and the nurses into the music video.

Deathaoke: Videos of wakes and funerals with music. Open casket wakes and lip animation software allowed the deceased to join in the fun.

Divorceaoke: Divorce proceedings can be condensed to humorous or touching music videos. Judges and attorneys have been included to excellent effect.

Auditaoke: IRS officers make for determined opponents in tax proceedings, but taxpayers are finding that many of them have real performing talent.

Airport securityaoke: This is a great way to make airport security less of an ordeal. TSA agents are usually happy to provide video clips from their bag scanners and whole body scan machines to include in the music video.

Bank robberyaoke: Even criminals are joining in with entertaining videos that have the robbers, bank employees and hostages singing along to well-known popular songs. Some videos even include police and SWAT team members in full voice.