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    Novel word counts skewed by a form of dark matter

    Tweet HEINUS – NEW YORK A recent post to the Publisher’s Weekly blog announced that the average novel contained 64,000 words and detailed the word counts of famous novels. Some of the word counts listed: “Slaughterhouse-Five” 47,192 words (64% of books have more words) “Brave […]

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    Study shows popular passwords used by celebrities

    Tweet HEINUS – NEW YORK  A new study reveals that the most popular password used by average computer user is “Password1.” A similar study by showed the popular passwords used by famous celebrities. Some examples: Actress Blake Lively: Lively favors “1234” Occasionally changes she […]

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    Romney remembering pre-birth event common for candidates

    Tweet HEINUS – DETROIT  When speaking to a group of Michigan voters, Republican Presidential candidate Mitt Romney remembered details of an event that occurred before he was born. Romney regaled the crowd with his memory of a celebration of the 50th year of the automobile […]

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    Stealing ice from glaciers leads to other natural thefts

    Tweet HEINUS – NEW YORK  Chilean police have arrested a ring of thieves accused of stealing five tons ice from glaciers and selling it to upscale bars and restaurants. The thieves were stealing the ice using Coleman coolers and hiding in tanning salons across the […]

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    Nuclear inspectors in Iran after Ahmadinejad Facebook post

    Tweet HEINUS – TEHRAN U.N. nuclear weapons inspectors began work in Iran over continued concern about possible nuclear weapons. Inside sources at the U.N.’s International Atomic Energy Commission demanded access to Iranian facilities after Iranian president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad made a weekend post to his Facebook […]

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    Wedding karaoke videos spark wider lip-synching trend

    Tweet HEINUS – LOS ANGELES A growing trend in wedding videos is to have participants mouth the words to a popular song, a variation of karaoke dubbed “marryoke.” The trend of adding karaoke is now spreading to other special purpose videos. Some examples: Birthaoke: Husbands […]

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    Hostess in bankruptcy, Puck and chefs rally to save company

    Tweet HEINUS – NEW YORK  The Hostess companay, maker of famous snacks such as Twinkies and Ding Dongs, has filed for bankruptcy protection. A group of international chefs, led by Wolfgang Puck, has formed to help save the company. The group, dubbed Save American Legacy […]

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    Tebow reportedly received angelic play call in helmet radio

    Tweet HEINUS – DENVER Broncos quarterback Tim Tebow threw for 316 yards in the Broncos Jan. 8 win over the Pittsburgh Steelers and reportedly received a unusual radio message calling for what became the winning play in overtime. The NFL is investigating the unusual signals […]

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    Prison inmate escapes in fire truck, stops to rescue cat from tree

    Tweet HEINUS – SAN DIEGO  An inmate at a California state prison in San Diego escaped from the prison in a stolen fire truck. The inmate, Thomas Kelley, who has worked as a firefighter, stole a fire truck and drove off prison grounds at high […]

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    Actors blast Will Smith for ‘arrogance’ and poor food choices

    Tweet HEINUS – LOS ANGELES  Janet Hubert, who appeared in the cast of the television series The Fresh Prince of Bel Air, recently blasted fellow cast member Will Smith, calling him “arrogant” and an “asshole.” According to Hubert, Smith ” …is still an egomaniac and […]

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