Study shows popular passwords used by celebrities

HEINUS – NEW YORK  A new study reveals that the most popular password used by average computer user is “Password1.” A similar study by showed the popular passwords used by famous celebrities. Some examples:

Actress Blake Lively: Lively favors “1234” Occasionally changes she up to “4321”. The web site called Lively’s password choices, “brisk and daring and well accessorized, especially shoes.”

Vladimir Putin: said to often use “TsarDaddy” for all his email and bank accounts. Russian hackers know this but make no attempt to break into his accounts.

Film director Michael Bay: uses the password “Ma$$iveR0bot$Bitch”. said his choice represented everything that made Hollywood great.

Author Dan Brown: Has been favoring “DaVinciCodeWasReallyReallyBigAtOneTimeYouKnow”.

Lady Gaga: favorite password was just “Facenet”. speculates that this may be a reference either to her Grammy outfit or a jab at film director James Cameron since he predicted in the Terminator movies that the computer network “SkyNet” was supposed to have taken over by now.

Actor Christian Bale: favorite was “Sightline”. No one from the staff  of had the nerve to ask Bale what this meant.

(smartphone image by gillyberlin, Blake Lively image by Josh Jensen)