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  • 800px-Scene_at_the_Signing_of_the_Constitution_of_the_United_States

    Ball post: Lessons from last words of Declaration signers

    Tweet Special to HEINUS by Dr. Eugenia Ball PhD.  A recent article on the Internet lists the last words of a group of famous writers. In light of the tough times we are experiencing and given my intense expertise in colonial and revolutionary America, I […]

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  • Hestercombegatehouse

    Unique Henry VIII mural found, expert recalls similar finds in U.S.

    Tweet HEINUS – MEMPHIS  After removing wallpaper during a renovation of their home, a British couple in Somerset has uncovered a priceless mural depicting English King Henry VIII. In the sixteenth century the house belonged to Archbishop of Canterbury, Thomas Cranmer, an ally of the […]

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  • Co-kbk-07-001

    Cat ordered to sit on jury, shows growing trend of pet service

    Tweet HEINUS – BOSTON  Suffolk Superior Court in Boston, Mass., has ordered a house cat named Tabby Sal to serve on a jury, even after the cat’s owner claimed the cat “knew very little English.” A jury commissioner replied that the cat “must attend” on […]

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  • 800px-Smuggling_Tunnel

    Police seize border tunnel, end smuggling operation to Mexico

    Tweet Police in Otay Mesa, Calif., have seized a 1,848-ft. long tunnel to Mexico and put an end to a sophisticated cross-border smuggling operation. Unlike most tunnels constructed under the U.S. – Mexican border, however, this tunnel was not used for bringing drugs into the […]

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