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    BP raises blow out preventer, claims unit was mislabeled

    Tweet BP took 29 1/2 hours to raise the blowout preventer from its previously leaking well in the Gulf of Mexico. State and Federal officials expected to see a typical 50-foot, 300-ton blowout preventer. Instead, they observed a 1984 Kitchen Aid “Deluxe Turbo Clean with […]

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    BP suing Louisiana for “illegally soaking up” company’s oil

    Tweet In court papers filed in Baton Rouge, the oil company BP has brought suit against the state of Louisiana for “illegal and egregious interdiction of BP’s petroleum assets.” The company says that the state has no right to “soak up and retain the oil […]

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    NASA says Mars lander dead, BP offers repair team

    Tweet NASA said its Phoenix Mars lander, which landed on the red planet on May 25, 2008, has worked flawlessly gathering data on the atmosphere and soil of Mars. But now, after a long Martian winter, the Phoenix lander will not respond to commands from […]

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    BP says tube is sucking up oil and Facebook privacy data

    Tweet BP says that up to 20 percent of the oil leaking from the well in the Gulf of Mexico is now being contained by a recently installed tube. BP officials claimed the tube was also unexpectedly containing privacy leaks from the Facebook social networking […]

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