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    Prison inmate escapes in fire truck, stops to rescue cat from tree

    Tweet HEINUS – SAN DIEGO  An inmate at a California state prison in San Diego escaped from the prison in a stolen fire truck. The inmate, Thomas Kelley, who has worked as a firefighter, stole a fire truck and drove off prison grounds at high […]

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    NASA, lacking ideas and cash, will build orbiting sex resort

    Tweet HEINUS – HOUSTON  NASA recently announced plans for a powerful new booster rocket called the Space Launch System that could lift large payloads into orbit. Some experts have speculated that the new booster will be used for missions to Mars. Now, however, NASA has […]

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    Rash of new countries recognized by UN

    Tweet HEINUS – NEW YORK  The UN is expected to recognize South Sudan as a new country on July 14. South Sudan will be the 193rd member of the United Nations. South Sudan will not be alone, however, as several other new nations are  expected […]

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  • Smartphones

    Smartphone love revealed, California moves to make bond legal

    Tweet HEINUS – SAN FRANCISCO  A recent study by the iPass Mobile Workforce Report revealed that a large percentage of users are highly connected to their smartphones, with many unable to sleep unless the phone is nearby. And now the California Department of Health and […]

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    SETI Institute ends alien search, telescope dishes to hold soap

    Tweet HEINUS – SAN FRANCISCO The Mountain View, Calif.,-based Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence (SETI) Institute has been forced to shut down its Allen Telescope SETI Array due to a lack of operating funds. The cluster of 42 radio telescope dishes are no longer searching the […]

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    South Dakota redoubles efforts to lead in software (piracy)

    Tweet HEINUS – WASHINGTON  A recent study by the Business Software Alliance found that nearly half of all software piracy  reported in the U.S. in 2010 could be traced to only six states. The states are California, Texas, Florida, New York, Illinois and Michigan. California’s […]

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    Tesla Motors named #1 U.S. automaker over big three

    Tweet HEINUS – DETROIT  Tesla Motors, maker of electric cars, was recently named America’s fourth car company in a report by investment firm Morgan Stanley. In the report, the Palo Alto, California, company joins the line-up of the big three of Ford, General Motors and […]

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    Police seize border tunnel, end smuggling operation to Mexico

    Tweet Police in Otay Mesa, Calif., have seized a 1,848-ft. long tunnel to Mexico and put an end to a sophisticated cross-border smuggling operation. Unlike most tunnels constructed under the U.S. – Mexican border, however, this tunnel was not used for bringing drugs into the […]

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    California voters elect first zombie candidate

    Tweet California voters made history yesterday by selecting the nation’s first zombie candidate, Clairvius Narcisse. Elevated to the California state assembly from a district in West Hollywood and Beverly Hills, Narcisse ran openly as a zombie. “I’ve never attempted to hide who I am,” Narcisse […]

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