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    Budget issues force Canada to eliminate penny coin and more

    Tweet HEINUS – OTTAWA  The Canadian government has officially retired the penny coin as too expensive to produce and no longer economically viable.  Canadian deputy assistant Finance Minster Denr’y Dolhomme said the penny was pretty with its maple leaf design but that it had become […]

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    Prime Minister Harper plans big changes for Canadian military

    Tweet HEINUS – OTTAWA  Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper has announced big changes for Canadian military. PM Harper will change the name of Canadian military branches by returning the “Royal” designation, which was removed in 1968. The Canadian Air Force, for example, will now be […]

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    Zug post: I have my doubts about Canadian plastic money

    Tweet Special to HEINUS by Samuel Zug  So, Canada is trying out plastic cash. Not a plastic cash card, but actual plastic bills, plastic folding money. An entrepreneur like me applauds this. We can’t be hidebound in our thinking. We need to try new things […]

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    Canada promotes “physical encouragement” for workers

    Tweet Special to HEINUS by Eden Baylee – TORONTO  [Editor’s note: This special report comes from Canadian correspondent Eden Baylee, who went undercover at a snowshoe factory in West Nipissing, Ontario, to observe working conditions and management policies at this key industrial site. While working […]

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