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    Zug post: Kidnapper defends America with lawsuit

    Tweet Special to HEINUS by Samuel Zug – DENVER  Colorado native Jessie Dimmick is currently serving an 11-year sentence for kidnapping, auto theft and fleeing authorities. But he is also doing his country a great service. Dimmick is suing the newlywed couple he kidnapped. He […]

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    Five ways the world is least likely to end

    Tweet The September Scientific American is a special issue focusing on “The End.” The issue explores various types of ends. There many theories, of course, about how the world will probably end. What about the ways life on earth is least likely to end? Prominent […]

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    Atom smasher threatens Swiss identity

    Tweet Before the Large Hadron Collider (LHC), the powerful atom smasher at CERN, Europe’s high energy physics lab along the French/Swiss border near Geneva, opened for business, some people worried that at full power it might produce a mini black hole that, among other rude […]

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