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    Zug post: Chinese space hookup could pound U.S. economy

    Tweet Special to HEINUS by Samuel Zug SAN FRANCISCO  The recent rendezvous in space by two unmanned Chinese spacecraft could  could end up having serious repercussions for the American economy. When the probe on the Shenzhou 8 slid into the docking orifice of the Tiangong 1 […]

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    Great Wall of China facing major downgrade

    Tweet HEINUS – BEIJING  Chinese authorities are concerned that damage to the country’s famed Great Wall may force China to downgrade the structure to “Noted Wall of China” or even “Impressive in Extent but Now Only A Minor Obstruction of China.” Such a move would […]

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    Surprise candidates emerge to replace ousted IMF chief

    Tweet HEINUS – WASHINGTON  With the arrest of International Monetary Fund (IMF) head Dominique Strauss-Kahn, several candidates have emerged as possible successors to run the powerful organization. The new IMF chief will face major problems in kick starting the sluggish world economy. Three of the […]

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    Selling fast food abroad comes with pitfalls, experts say

    Tweet HEINUS –  LOS ANGELES  The American-based Chinese fast food company Panda Express has announced plans to expand to China. Experts say export of American-style ethnic food back to its homeland can have some serious speed bumps. “You’ve got to really think this out,” said […]

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