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    Romney remembering pre-birth event common for candidates

    Tweet HEINUS – DETROIT  When speaking to a group of Michigan voters, Republican Presidential candidate Mitt Romney remembered details of an event that occurred before he was born. Romney regaled the crowd with his memory of a celebration of the 50th year of the automobile […]

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    Nuclear war could reverse global warming – war site sought

    Tweet HEINUS – WASHINGTON DC  Researchers at NASA have determined that a small nuclear war could reverse the effects of global warming. A war involving the limited use of nuclear weapons could throw sufficient soot into the air to lower global temperatures and reverse the […]

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  • LeBron

    LeBron mural removed, replaced by “real” Clevelander

    Tweet The 10-story billboard of LeBron James that dominates Ontario Street in downtown Cleveland is being removed by the Nike company, which had sponsored the huge mural. According to a Nike spokesman, “We are removing the LeBron James Witness mural in downtown Cleveland and expect […]

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