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    FBI agent crashes Ferrari – official misconduct rampant

    Tweet HEINUS – DETROIT An FBI agent tasked with moving a Ferrari automobile seized as a result of an investigation, crashed the car, totaling it. The FBI is refusing to reimburse the insurance company for the cost of the vehicle. According to sources, this type […]

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  • 1638 vellum deed

    Portobello Post: Kafka letters and the scourge of authenticity

    Tweet Special to HEINUS by Prof. Edward G. Portobello – How does one know that a seemingly old, rare document is real? It is a vexing question — even for an old document expert like myself. I have seen, handled and even sneezed on (it […]

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  • Lasagna

    Lasagna arrest case highlights police “food traps”

    Tweet HEINUS – NEW YORK The recent arrest of an Italian fugitive who was taken because of his love for his wife’s lasagna is only one case of police operating “food traps” designed to snag unwary and hungry criminals using their favorite foods. Below are […]

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    Crime statistics drop, television producers caution against panic

    Tweet HEINUS – WASHINGTON  Recently released FBI crime statistics show violent crime in the U.S. is down. According to the report, violent crime dropped 6.2 percent from January to June and property crime was down 2.8 percent. Most worrisome, the murder rate dropped 7.1 percent […]

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