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    Portobello post: Avocado ban shows a legal system out of control

    Tweet Special to HEINUS by Prof. Edward G. Portobello – WASHINGTON  Recently, a judge issued a ruling that banned a man from owning more than 10 avocados. The ban was handed down by the judge after 44-year-old Barron Stein was found to be in possession […]

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    Citing patriotism, schools add Washington book to reading lists

    Tweet HEINUS – WASHINGTON  A new report by Educational Trends & Movements, Inc., a firm that tracks school curricula in the U.S. and Canada, finds that a large percentage of school districts have recently added the new book George in London to their required reading […]

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    Portobello Post: Kafka letters and the scourge of authenticity

    Tweet Special to HEINUS by Prof. Edward G. Portobello – How does one know that a seemingly old, rare document is real? It is a vexing question — even for an old document expert like myself. I have seen, handled and even sneezed on (it […]

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    Washington expert comments on GW library fine

    Tweet After the recent findings by New York City librarians that George Washington checked out two books from the NY Public Library and never returned them, thereby racking up $300 large in fees, I heard from my friend and Washington expert, E.G. Portobello. Prof. Portobello […]

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