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    Sundae “doodle” panned – Google alters future doodle plans

    Tweet HEINUS – SAN FRANCISCO – After Wired magazine writer Matt Blum panned Google’s ice cream Sundae doodle (where the company changes its logo to match a theme), the search engine company is reportedly altering plans for future doodles. According to anonymous sources, some of […]

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  • 800px-Seymour_johnson_F15Es

    NATO controls Libyan air campaign, Facebook will sponsor

    Tweet HEINUS – BRUSSELS  NATO will assume control of the UN Security Council sanctioned air campaign against Libya officials announced. In a groundbreaking move, NATO Secretary-General Anders Fogh Rasmussen also said NATO was bringing the social networking giant Facebook in as sponsor and has given […]

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  • PIA01907_modest-browse

    Scientists unveil “street-view” of universe, aliens complain

    Tweet HEINUS – WASHINGTON Astronomers at the Sloan Digital Sky Survey have released what they claim is the most detailed image of the universe yet collected. Scientists involved with the effort say the image is more than a trillion pixels rich and it is possible […]

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  • 800px-Flood102405

    Phone bug sends odd texts, claims iPhone causes floods, flu

    Tweet HEINUS – SAN JOSE Google announced today it would fix the bug that has Android phones sending odd, misdirected text messages. According to Google, the fix would be rolled out soon. Some of the texts have been analyzed by text messaging expert Charles Wheatstone, […]

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  • 800px-E20_53

    Google driverless cars tailgate, don’t ask for directions

    Tweet Google has experimenting with driverless cars that use computers, GPS and an array of sensors to navigate without the need for human drivers. The cars have driven more than 140,000 miles on California roads with little human intervention. Google has reportedly solved the reliability […]

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  • SNA_segment

    Google to launch Facebook “killer”

    Tweet Goggle will reportedly launch a Facebook “killer” that will take on the world’s largest social networking platform. The new service will be called “VisageTome” and is predicted to have some important differences with Facebook. On VisageTome everyone will start with 250 friends. To find […]

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