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  • Harry_Potter_lines

    Users report Pottermore site “holds sway” over their computer

    Tweet HEINUS – LONDON  J.K. Rowling’s new “Pottermore” web site recently launched and some users are reporting strange behavior from their computers after signing up for the site. A Pottermore spokesman, Sibyl Vork, says the site is no different from any web site and is […]

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  • 800px-Obama_and_Biden_await_updates_on_bin_Laden

    Rejected code names for bin Laden

    Tweet HEINUS – NEW YORK Some native Americans were reportedly offended by the White House’s use of ‘Geronimo’ as the code name for Osama bin Laden during the Navy Seal Team 6 hit operation. Geronimo was the name of a 19th century Apache chief who […]

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  • Fiorato

    Writer emulates Rowling success – scribes now renting babies

    Tweet British writer Marina Fiorato has just signed two deals worth more than $360,000 after years of getting her work rejected. Fiorato’s story parallels the rise of famed Harry Potter creator J.K. Rowling — before her big deal Fiorata was penniless and often wrote her […]

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