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    Four planet cluster touted, but other planets scoff at event

    Tweet HEINUS – NEW YORK  Early in the morning of May 11, four planets will appear close to each other in the eastern sky. Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Mercury will be visible in a tight cluster. This astronomical development is drawing media attention worldwide resulting […]

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    June 3rd Jupiter fireball mystery solved

    Tweet The bright fireball that erupted on Jupiter on June 3 has been a mystery to scientists for more than a week. Now, researchers led by NASA scientists Dr. Frank Poole and David Bowman have discovered that the fireball was caused by North Korea. In […]

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    Jupiter cloud band disappears, Goldman Sachs backpedals

    Tweet Recent photographs of Jupiter have revealed that the gas giant’s South Equatorial Belt (SEB), a distinctive ring of clouds in Jupiter’s southern hemisphere, has disappeared. Astronomers and planetary scientists are not sure what could have caused the cloud belt to dissipate. With the disappearance […]

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