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    Robot performs surgery, but is rebuffed by prestigious golf club

    Tweet HEINUS – LONDON  A robot has successfully performed prostate surgery in Manchester, U.K. The robot completed the surgery in record time and medical authorities are saying this could lead to a marked increase in robotic procedures. Dr. Stobart Fremenee, chief of thoracic surgery at […]

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    Jane Austen poisoned? Suspicious ends of famous authors

    Tweet Special to HEINUS by Prof. Eugenia Ball, PhD.  A theory that Jane Austen was poisoned has recently emerged in the British press. If true, her untimely end would not be a surprise. In my research, I’ve uncovered many cases of famous authors being involved […]

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    London government demands apology from Britney Spears

    Tweet HEINUS – LONDON  The London borough government of Stoke Newington is demanding an apology from singer Britney Spears for filming a music video in which she brandished a gun. Stoke Newington claimed the gun was irresponsible given the recent London riots. Spears is not […]

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    Citing patriotism, schools add Washington book to reading lists

    Tweet HEINUS – WASHINGTON  A new report by Educational Trends & Movements, Inc., a firm that tracks school curricula in the U.S. and Canada, finds that a large percentage of school districts have recently added the new book George in London to their required reading […]

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    Accident during “food tubes” test leaves London soiled

    Tweet HEINUS – LONDON  The FoodTubes Project in the U.K. seeks to develop a food delivery system that uses underground tubes to deliver foodstuffs from farms to cities. According to project members tube delivery would reduce greenhouse gas emissions currently produced by trucking foodstuffs. Recently, […]

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