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  • Wilhelm_II,_German_Emperor,_by_Russell_&_Sons,_c1890

    Kaiser urinal discovery adds stream of data to historic record

    Tweet HEINUS – BERLIN  German archeologists have discovered a urinal used by World War I German ruler Kaiser Wilhelm II. According to scientists, the urinal, found in a Baltic Sea shipwreck, adds an impressive stream of data to the record on historic waste habits. Information […]

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    Century-old Shackleton Antarctic whisky lost in mishap

    Tweet HEINUS – GLASGOW A case of Scotch whisky buried in the Antarctic snow more than a century ago by explorer Sir Ernest Shackleton was recently flown to Scotland for testing and analysis. The rare McKinlay whisky was to be analyzed by one of Scotland’s […]

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  • guillermo-del-toro

    Kubrick’s Napoleon project picked up by Del Toro

    Tweet Film director Guillermo Del Toro, who recently stepped down from helming an adaptation of Tolkien’s The Hobbit has reportedly obtained the pre-production materials and script for Stanley Kubrick’s famously unfilmed Napoleon project. Though he spent many years writing and rewriting various scripts for the […]

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