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  • Wilhelm_II,_German_Emperor,_by_Russell_&_Sons,_c1890

    Kaiser urinal discovery adds stream of data to historic record

    Tweet HEINUS – BERLIN  German archeologists have discovered a urinal used by World War I German ruler Kaiser Wilhelm II. According to scientists, the urinal, found in a Baltic Sea shipwreck, adds an impressive stream of data to the record on historic waste habits. Information […]

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  • 800px-TraditionalThanksgiving

    Zug post: Deep frying accidents and other holiday cooking fails

    Tweet Special to HEINUS by Samuel Zug PHILADELPHIA  The holidays bring pressure. You know, pressure to get it all done, to be the best. This pressure can lead to accidents. A perfect example of accident potential is deep fat frying. People will deep fry just […]

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  • 800px-Tidemandsgate_20090222-1

    Sweden has ‘icicle’ hotline, other countries with danger hotlines

    Tweet HEINUS – STOCKHOLM  With its long winters, Stockholm, Sweden, is well known for icicles forming on buildings. These dangerous ice daggers can fall and injure pedestrians and small dogs. Now the Swedish capital has a toll free hotline that residents can call to report […]

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  • 800px-Leon_V_of_Armenia

    Scientists identify king’s head – Philly bar owner disagrees

    Tweet HEINUS – PHILADELPHIA  A team of scientists in Paris claims to have positively identified a severed head, still remarkably preserved, as that of French King Henry IV. Using a variety of forensic techniques, the researchers say the head is unquestionably that of the French […]

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