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    Russia blames scientists for rocket crashes, bans popular saying

    Tweet HEINUS – MOSCOW  The Russian government has blamed the country’s rocket scientists for a series of disastrous recent rocket crashes. The government went further and banned the popular saying, “It’s not rocket science” as a way of saying something is not complicated or difficult. […]

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    Russia warns retaliation, Ireland mobilizes massive music corps

    Tweet HEINUS – DUBLIN The Russian government recently warned Ireland it will retaliate for the unfounded Irish expulsion of a Russian diplomat. The Russian national was deported for the alleged theft of six Irish citizens’ identities. The identities were reportedly used by Russian spies in […]

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    U.S./Russia exchange spies – Lohan, Gibson included in deal

    Tweet In a throwback to the days of the Cold War, the U.S. and Russia will reportedly exchange individuals that each side has charged with spying. The 10 people arrested by the FBI on June 27 for participating in an alleged Russian spy ring will […]

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