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    Evidence of ET life revealed at famous Michigan Ramada Inn

    Tweet HEINUS – SOUTH HAVEN, MICH.  A Michigan man is set to announce he has in his possession physical proof of extraterrestrial life. Duane P. Snyder says he has an icy meteorite that contains extraterrestrial life forms. Snyder will hold a news conference at a […]

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    NASA wins with simulated gravity – artificial time, not so much

    Tweet NASA has had some success simulating gravity. It also tried artificial time, but with less clear results. In an effort to reduce bone loss and improve muscle tone of astronauts while they are in space, NASA has worked on simulating gravity using the medieval […]

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    You are here (within a light year or so, give or take)

    Tweet NASA has an effort to find exoplanets (planets orbiting stars other than Brangelina or old Sol). And it has had some success with 429 distant planets found so far (given all this new real estate, can interplanetary realtors with “Open House” balloons and reedy […]

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