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    Grenade at Easter event leads to U.K. egg hunt ban

    Tweet HEINUS – LONDON  After a live grenade was found in a Easter egg hunt in Holford, Somerset, U.K. officials have leveled a nationwide ban on egg hunts. Associate Home Secretary Gerald Ooverhoust said that while the Home Office applauded the sense of fun inherent […]

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    Canada promotes “physical encouragement” for workers

    Tweet Special to HEINUS by Eden Baylee – TORONTO  [Editor’s note: This special report comes from Canadian correspondent Eden Baylee, who went undercover at a snowshoe factory in West Nipissing, Ontario, to observe working conditions and management policies at this key industrial site. While working […]

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    U.K. Defense Ministry unveils robot plane based on vacuum unit

    Tweet Today the British Ministry of Defence (MOD) unveiled a prototype unmanned attack plane named Taranis after the Celtic god of Thunder. MOD spokesman Trafford Leigh-Mallory said the robot aircraft would be able to “attack enemies very far away indeed.” According to Leigh-Mallory, Taranis could […]

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