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    New iPhone a success, but Siri/USAF drone glitch has users wary

    Tweet HEINUS – CUPERTINO  Apple’s latest iPhone, the 4S, has been a big commercial success, with more than 4 million phones reportedly sold through the first weekend. A glitch with the iPhone’s Siri voice recognition software has some iPhone 4S users unhappy, however. They found […]

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    “Fore!” legal ruling could have big consequences beyond golf

    Tweet HEINUS – NEW YORK A New York state appeals court ruled today that golfers can’t be held liable for not yelling “Fore!” before hitting golf shots. The case was brought by a golfer who was hit in the eye when his golfing partner hit […]

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    X51A Waverider hits Mach 6 – passengers complain

    Tweet The U.S. Air Force’s X51A Waverider broke a hypersonic flight record yesterday, traveling six times the speed of sound. The Air Force claims that the Waverider’s engine burn was the longest yet for a hypersonic craft. Passengers on board were happy about the early […]

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