The Konkoly Interrogation

Screen Shot 2015-02-11 at 7.38.26 PMSteve Konkoly (seen menacingly at left), the major domo, the grand poobah of the Perseid Collapse series — now a Kindle World on Amazon — throws me the tough questions in an interview on his web site. Using bright lights and threatening me with a snow shovel (okay, he just brought the snow shovel in and placed it by the door, but it still was a masterful act of psychological pressure), Steve was able to extract maximum amount of actionable intelligence. Like this nugget, for example.

I actually teach people how to navigate across oceans with just a sextant, a watch and a book of sight reduction tables. No electrons, no satellites, no app store — wild thought, huh? And it’s actually so easy to do. Gives you a great feeling of self-reliance — like the first time you changed a tire or unhooked a girl’s bra. A rush of satisfaction — “I can definitely do this!”

Just remember, Konkoly always garners the primo stuff. You can’t hold out, he’ll get it out of you. He’s that good.

You can read the whole interview here.

You can get The Borealis Incident, my contribution to the Perseid Collapse Kindle World here.


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