U.S. falls behind in spy program name game

Screen Shot 2015-01-28 at 10.41.22 PMIn a piece on Motherboard, Matthew Braga writes of Canadian electronic surveillance program that tracks downloads on file sharing sites. Government snooping is a hot button topic, of course. But the best part of the piece is that some folks in the government spy business have a great knack for cooking up names. The file sharing surveillance program is called Levitation. There’s a similar British program called Mutant Broth. Another is called Atomic Banjo. There’s even one that sounds like an 80’s pop star: EonBlue.

The only American program mentioned in the article is called Rampart. A little stodgy next to the likes of Mutant Broth and EonBlue, don’t you think? The NSA has got to get real with its name game.


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